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  • THANK G*D someones made a site addressing this.

    I've been cracking for ages, and it's more joints then I'd like. I can crack all of my fingers in 3 or 4 places each, then my toes, then a few other places, and it terrifies me now 😕

    I didn't really care, but recently (especially in cold weather) I've noticed the joints have started aching and I can't write for long at all without getting writters cramp, I'm desperate to quit or atleast find out whether it's a recognized condition or find a magic pill I can take to strengthen the joints, etc, but it seems no-ones knows or cares!

    I e-mailed a chiropractor, they told me to see my doctor, I saw my doctor, he didn't care. I'm sure you all know the story being that you've found yourself here too.

    I click so often that it's worrying, my fingers are 'ready' (ie, the cracks have filled enough to make a noise again) for clicking within around 10 seconds of being cracked, and unfortunately, it's something I just do without thinking.

    I can't sleep unless all joints have been cracked because I'll feel tense/stiff in those joints where it's built up and just won't be able to sleep!

    It worries me that one day I'll cripple up and it'll completely disable my ability to live a normal life, and I know the net studies say there's no correlation found between cracking and athritis, etc, but I don't believe that 😛

    I'd love to be able to stop, or failing that atleast take supplements to aid my bodies healing or reduce the damage, but it's such an unknown phenomenon, people tend to just take the attitude "well just stop doing it." (which always makes me laugh), there's just no information anywhere really on how to stop, damage it does, etc 😕

    I figure this is the best place to hover around, being that hopefully once it builds up a community we'll have the power & experience of numbers to actually know what we can do to prevent any negative impact it has on our bodies!

    Looking forward to getting involved.

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    DancingJester, welcome to our growing community!

    You speak my words exactly. I have been very annoyed by every doctor I have visited on this. None ever cared or at the worst ridiculed me. As you said, I would already have been happy when I had been given a definite diagnosis. Only when you have a recognized condition, you can know what to expect in the future. For the most part we are all the in the dark.

    To start with, JohnnyUtah shared one rather encouraging cracking story on life long cracking.

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