Ask them to keep a diary…

  • Sort of how much they think about jointcracking during a typical day and how much it affects them?

  • Who are they?

    These threads aren't sparking response lol

  • lol well i felt bad because we seem to be neglecting the diagnosis board, but yeah i guess if they're "flat" threads i might as well not post them lol :lol:

  • They as in us?

  • yeah, patients. i thought it might be helpful if we could have a record of how often we jointcrack, how often we think about it etc.

  • Patients?

    Who said they were a patient? :?

  • huh?
    what i'm saying is that if someone went to the doc they'd be a patient. but i guess i've overlooked something lol:lol:

  • Yeh i think so.

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