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  • To my fellow crackers,
    I am not sure what hath brought me to this web site, but it is a huge relief to know that I am not alone. I am a cracker of great proportion. The first time I cracked my knuckles, that I can remember at least, was on a saturday morning, when I was seven or eight years old. A cartoon version of the A-Team was on, and one of the gymnists got prepared to kcik some a*s by cracking his knuckles. I pushed and pushed down on mine and a huge cracking noise came out. I was hooked.
    Since that time, I have learned to crack almost every part of my body. From my fingers to my toes to my sternum to my nose to my hips to my knees to my elbows to my ankles…. you name it, I can crack it. I used to be able to crack my ears in two places when I was a teenager, but alas, no longer. The cartilege has worn away. And the old adage of being able to crack your p***s.... that is true fellow crackers. Not to get too graphic, but sometimes when my girlfriend is on top of me in bed, I will hear a crack at the base. It used to scare me and her for that matter, but it is not damaging.
    My point is that I believe that I am the KING of Knuckle Cracking. I wonder if there is a World Record by Guiness or something. While some find it annoying and wierd, I can not help doing it. I love it. I am especially fond of cracking my toes. I am sure there are physical dn psycological reasons that I continue to partake in this habit, but I am past the point of doing anything about it. And while I tend to think that the damage to my body is not and will not be arthritis, I do think that it effects my grip and ability to hold a paint brush and play a piano for great lengths of time.
    I am babbling but please know that I am glad to have found you all. I am not even sure how I will get back here. So in case I do not, please get in touch with me at Be well and let me know if any of you can crack more than me. I am at 62 people, and that is NOT EVEN COUNTING MY NECK AND BACK. That is amazing.

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    Hello 'JohnnyUtah' aka "King of Crack"! 😄
    Welcome to this community! For the longest time I also thought I was the only one on the planet with a strong desire to crack joints other than the 'usual' knuckles. It is very comforting to meet like minded others. This is exactly why I build this place.
    I hope it will continue to grow and thus get consistently easier to find for other desperate fellow crackers.

    Please do come back here and contribute. I sense you have much to share with your experience.

    It is the open sharing of our experiences which will make us stronger and more knowledgeable.

    It is good to hear that even if you do continue to crack your joints for many years you should not run into serious health problems from joint cracking alone. Thank you for that reassurance!

    If you do not find the time to come back, I appreciate honoring this community with your appreciative post.

  • Hi My name is Justin and I also consider my self a master of the crack. Some unusual places i crack are my p***s (i can crack it two ways), collar bone and chest. Its funny when i crack my p***s because girls get so grossed out by it lol. Needless to say its a habit that im afraid i cannot stop, but i am relieved that the general consensus is that you cant get arthritis, because i am always performing activities that involve my hands such as playing the piano, and golfing. The only problem with cracking my hands (by the way i can crack each finger in at least 2 or 3 places) is that when i play golf, particularly in cold weather, i feel pain in my hands after gripping the club for a while and making contact with the ground. I get scared that im getting arthritis but my hands are perfectly fine in warm weather, so its all good. Thanks for making this site i feel so much better!


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    Hi Justin aka JRskatr,

    You are very welcome! Thanks for contributing. You guys have no idea how much better it makes me feel to know that I am not alone!

    You repeated an interesting point on temperatures. I will merge these two comments from today in the temperature thread.

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    I just stumbled upon a post from IMA_FARANG at which is a good match to the initial post in this thread:

    I have been told by many busy-body types that my habit of clicking my joints (fingers, toes, etc) will cause me problems later "when I get older" since I was 12 years old. I am now almost 60, and I haven't seen the effects yet. For that reason I have to vote with the "no bad effects" side.
    My understanding is that the click is simply a release of gas around the joints, and totally harmless. However, I expect their will be some expert on here who will tell me differently.

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