Is it possible to stop joints cracking?

  • I mean, in cases where tendons are also responsible, you could probably get surgery to repair the tendons. (I guess, i'm not sure).

    As for actual damages to the bone, can bones be repaired?

  • Yes in a thread, JC talked about 'unlearning' to crack a joint.

  • But can you fix bones and muscles?

  • First why would you want to?
    But second I doubt it.
    I don't think tendons have much to do with the cracking most of us are talking about here.
    Accept and embrace your cracking destiny.
    Good luck at quitting or 'unlearning'
    Do you hold your farts in too????????

  • Community Lead

    I'd want to unlearn joint cracking, if I was experiencing extreme symptoms, like I have when I founded this site:

    • Such high cracking urges, that they have a negative impact on your quality of life
    • Subconscious cracking, feeling out of control
    • Abnormal regular rituals of cracking (like before going to bed, getting out of bed)

    I succeeded to stop cracking most of my joints by persistently resisting the urges. I still cave in when under high pressure (read: stress) and such. I can of course still crack every joint, if I want to.
    It is a very long way to go (maybe impossible) if you truly want to unlearn your ability to crack a joint. It is much easier to unlearn your desire to constantly crack your joints since for the most part this is learned behavior.

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