• @MasterCracker:

    Blaze your funny "always good to do a little bit of independent research" , "at least get the statistics right"
    That seems to contradict your way of posting
    your a funny guy
    i'll miss you

    As i said on another post - i have only come back for an answer but thank you - i like making people laugh.

    That is a rough(ish) statistic as it was on an american tv channel when they were talking about the controversy of GTA IV - which by the way is one of the best games ever.

  • I knew you were incapable of staying away. For God's sake man, do you think anyone gives a d* * n if you leave or not?

  • No and p* * s off - i've had it with your sh***.

    I just need the answer to this question.

    Seems people do care if you could read.

    Go try and insult someone your own age? Oh what's that - you don't have any friends your age!

  • Hehe heh heh! You broke! I knew you would. I also knew you couldn't keep away from here as we are the only "friends" you have. No-one cared that you'd left and you couldn't hack it! My advice is to get out more with real people!

  • Boy.

  • You know what - twice i edited this because i didn't really want to insult you as i believe you should be setting the example.

    However, regardless think what you like. Your lies aren't real unless i choose to believe them.

    So….now i can't even be bothered to get my answer.

    Good luck with your foot job.

  • Are you still here?

  • LoL



  • lol what is this argument about

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