On a scale of 1-10, how bad would you say cracking is?

  • In terms of health etc.
    Obviously with life threatening illnesses joint cracking gets pushed down the queue, but i still feel that joint cracking is a pretty bad problem.

    i'd say somewhere between 5-7 out of 10

  • Not 7 - 5/6

  • yeah thats a bit more realistic actually…

  • Definitely.

  • 0. As in, it is completely good. Personally, I only crack when I want, and it feels amazing. My joints never hurt (I try not to do it too much though).

    Why is it a problem at all? I mean, unless you can't control it, or it hurts, or you are a prude and get embarrassed when you do it in public, but otherwise, it's one of the few free and easy pleasures in life.

  • Joint cracking has never been proven to be anything bad. I think there are far more unhealthy activities. Smoking is infinitely worse for you than twisting your back to make it pop.

    Chiropractors like to say that DIY back cracking is bad, and their 'adjusting' is good, but in reality it is the same motion, the same pop, and the same good feeling as a result. They can't target specific points as accurately as they say they do when they make their 'adjustments'. Not to mention that the 'adjustment' does not adjust anything at all. The vertebrae are in the exact same place before and after the pop.

    Look at scoliosis, the only way they can straighten peoples spines is with a metal brace installed by an orthopedic surgeon, a long shot from a simple pop.

  • Thank you Woodoo for that, that info about chiropractors just further illustrates my point.

  • Blaze that illustrates nothing! As far as I can see he says Chiros do no harm at all! Just make you feel better!

  • Neck cracking is risky. I'm not sure any other normal type of cracking is risky for a healthy person.

  • Locker is right.

  • Oh dear. I'm hurt.

  • No worries - go to a chiropractor!

  • Changed your offensive message here too Blaze.

  • @knuckled:

    Neck cracking is risky. I'm not sure any other normal type of cracking is risky for a healthy person.

    I'm not sure. An orthopedic surgeon who was treating me doesn't think neck cracking is any sort of big deal, but I have a narrowed spinal canal, protruding disks, and I need surgery on my neck. OTOH, nobody thinks cracking has anything to do with it. Maybe I cracked my neck trying to relieve the problems I'm having, who knows?

    OTOH, I've cracked my fingers, elbows and spine very often. I have a bad back now but I seriously doubt cracking had anything to do with it, especially since it is my thoracic spine that cracks most. (usually over the back of a stiff chair that hits my back at just the right height.) I find that as I get older (I'm 58 ) I can't crack joints nearly as often.

  • Funny that's what I'm finding too! I thought it would be the other way round! Maybe your joints loosen as you get older. Then you get arthrtis and can't move them at all!

  • Hmm,, I couldn't put a number on it, it varies too much for me.

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