My neck is a pain in the neck!!

  • While the euphoria from the endorphins can be amazing…
    if i simply look at someone on my right and it involuntarily cracks, i hate it :evil: :cry: :oops:

  • Don't crack then - abstenation (not the sexual form)

  • oh man that would be impossible!
    no i was reading somewhere else on this forum about that - it seems impossible!
    can you do it?

  • Hmmmm tried but not hard and failed.

    It is much harder than fingers.

  • i don't have the willpower unfortunately.

    silly question, but how can you build willpower?

  • Just try as hard as possible with a motivator.

  • you mean a personal trainer sort of thing?

  • Like if you think about something like a new car, a girl, a boy, a new game, story etc.

  • oh like a reward?

  • Yeh like you convince yourself you are going to get it.

  • I might try that actually for my neck, although I'll still have to crack it when it really needs cracking, which is a pain!

  • well try as hard as you can!

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