New Crack

  • Lmao!!!!!!!

    The Irish don't speak like that - the Northen Irish is a cool accent. English suck because you can tell if you are very posh or not.

    Lol noone has noticed the name of my photobucket or commented about it :lol:

  • 'noone' is that posh engilish?

    I learned 'fecked' from Locker165 (thanks)
    And it's not a total F-bomb so it works.

  • Ooooooh - someone did their research :lol:

    Noooo….. - No-one? as in nobody.

  • Glad to be of help MC. Check out Father Ted for more F* * k Fun!

  • :lol:

  • lol i like this thread 8)

  • Yes - a lot of variety.

  • :D Just tried that. It worked, and all.

  • Lol - it feels like you can move your fingertip all the time and there is a space in it.

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