• I think a general questionnaire which the patient can fill out will give doctors a good idea as to whether the patient has a serious enough problem or not.

  • Won't work.

  • Why not?

  • Because people who have other symptons from other problems will put that down.

  • i guess, it could be backup idea though or used with other techniques i reckon..

  • I don't think so as people could be influenced by other problem-o-s

  • like what?

  • Well say they have some kind of disease or something and they symptons of that, the person thinks are to do with jointcracking.

  • i guess they could be though… like Jointcracker did loads of posts on bacteria, OCD etc

  • yeh but if someone said about them, then it might be visual and you could see that it wasn't. Say someone had skin decolouration from a bacterial infection.

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