Ways to let out annoyance with cracks

  • Sometimes when my neck involuntarily cracks, I get angry 8O
    For example I'm happily going about my day (as happy as it can be i suppose 8) ) and then I get up or sit down or look around, and my neck will click. It really annoys me, and I just want to scream sometimes!!

    / rant.

    lol 8)

  • i just realised perhaps i posted this in the wrong board, sorry :?
    although i guess it is still a "side symptom".

    Yeah anyway, I had another thing I wanted to add: I can usually "control" my neck so it doesn't click when I don't want to, but when it does occasionally, that is annoying lol.

    Or maybe I'm just a control freak? Reasonable i suppose.. lol

  • Jeez you post so much more than me now lol - you have followed in my muscle bound steps :lol:

  • Haha, wow - you're a "Supreme Jointcracker" now!
    I take it you're the first on this forum? I must try and be the second, I'm only a puny "elite" lol

  • Lol i wondered when people would realise.

    Yeh, you have continued from me - with answers like lol :lol:

    I didn't even know that there was anything above elite.

  • haha i find this forum very informative and addictive!

  • Same.

  • lol

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