Any supplements you know that help prevent cracking?

  • Oils, creams etc?

  • Robotic toes? :lol:

  • i dream of that day 8)
    or a robotic neck? lol

  • Yeh but you would feel like bionic man - iRobot

  • Ive been looking at large tree nuts like almonds, brazilnuts and pecans trying to consider their possible connection with ligands as well as other calcium bonded compounds.

    this is not a joke. Ok.

  • I've heard nuts can help.
    Have you tried any yet?

    And just to clarify, when we say help, we mean making our joints crack less, right?

  • Community Lead

    Hahah, you wouldn't believe how often I have dreamed about replacing all my joints which have an annoyingly high cracking-maintenance with robotic replacements. :lol:
    Our human bodies have many faults. Teeth and joints being the main problem areas in my humble opinion.

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