• I understand your point about hearsay.
    It can go either way. old wives tale or New Medical breakthrough
    you decide. LoL. but don't leave it to the courts. LoL
    As for the weak tendons topic, i don't buy it. except disease, injury or age.
    your friends uncles story I don't understand.
    I don't understand your point " I got the tendon thing when the person had them cut from someone i know who's uncle cracked for ages. So, i don't understand how that is not fact."
    I'm just trying to understand what your saying, that quote is hard to interpret. It technically doesn't make any sense. :roll: And I would like to know the story, and learn from it.
    Did he have RA? That would explain a lot.

    The wikipedia page is on RA and DISEASED joints, the cause of which is not understood.
    not weak tendons , OR cracking causing a problem. But Disease.

    My whole point here friend is that we are trying to learn about anatomy and cracking here. We need Real information. Not just what you think.
    Try not to be scaring People with your own conclusions:

    Blaze: "However i do know that the reason why your fingers curl in is because you weaken the tendons so the fingers are pulled taut."

    people might try to stop cracking their fingers, afraid of 'weak tendons' if they heard that unfounded statement.
    And we wouldn't want that.
    and that statement doesn't make to much sense anatomically.
    Maybe if you have the Disease Arthritis it could/would.

  • Hopefully i don't get it.

    Who says it is right though to lead everyone to believe to crack will cause no harm. Not everybody who logs on here, necessarily wants to continue - this is proven (fact) in one of the previous polls.

    The guy's uncle had his tendons cut because of his fingers curling in due to his cracking. He had no anaesthetic to enforce his abstinence from cracking.

  • did he have RA?

    I know not everyone wants to crack.
    Thats whats so interesting the different views of the topics.
    Many think it's a bad thing but there really is no proof either way?
    I appreciate all views expressed here, including yours Blaze.
    I hope debate sparks us, toward research and further understanding as a community.
    Thanks to JC we can learn more about this senario and it's many facets together.
    But we need valid information. Sensible Hearsay, experiences and rhetoric.

    Either way cracking happens, weather positive, negative or neutral.
    This forum lets you decide. :wink:

  • No lol

    I was trying to find a mecial case for my scenario and looked at arthritis and saw those nasty hands.

    Well summarised.

    Like the second debate we have had :P

  • I enjoy the Jointcracking debates we have :)

  • I enjoy cracking jonts even more

  • Ok MC - i prefer finding information out on it.

  • i'm somewhere between MC and Blaze 8)

  • what is?

  • my opinion - i like cracking, but also like finding out about it.
    sad i know… lol :)

  • Not really as we are all here and some crack showing we all do the same.

  • yeah thats one of the reasons i really like this board :D

  • There are loads of reasons for me

  • yeah i like the friendly banter we have on here

  • and the fact that even as i typed that my neck cracked!! :evil:

  • Lol - friendly banter - usually.

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