Does this make me strange?

  • Whatever I'm doing, everytime one of my big toes cracks, I get distracted and lose my flow of thought/concentration.

    For example on my last post I knew what I wanted to type, but as I typed it my toe cracked. So I had to refocus again and it kind of ruins my general happiness.

    I know this sounds well weird, but I was hoping someone might know what's wrong with me haha 8)

  • 14 views but still no reply.. oh dear 8O lol

  • Nothing is wrong with you. You just need to learn to ignore it.

  • Yeah but it gets on my nerves so much man, I think I might have ADD (attention deficit disorder) or something?

  • You might. That would't make you strange though since there's so many people with ADD.

  • really? hmm i might go and see my doctor..

  • It is normal - i mean….say you were reading a book and someone punched you.... you would be distracted.

  • lol that made me laugh blaze 8)

  • That's what i do lol.

    I was going to say something else lol but thought it is not suitable if their is like a 10 year old on.

  • hahaha, i get your drift mate :D

  • Oh ffs… i swear i had my tyres changed... i am banned from drift racing. :lol:

  • :D

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