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  • @bod8:


    I reckon it's fecked! How professional is that? To tell you the truth, I haven't got a clue! Sorry. Without seeing or hearing it, it's hard to tell. what I do know is he shouldn't have pulled it so hard. Ridiculous.

    do you think maybe he was a "dodgy" osteopath then? (i remembered, he was an osteopath)

    Or he was human and made a mistake?

  • yeah i guess.

    every time i think about it i get worked up because it was my right toe he was meant to be seeing but he randomly pulled my left toe without explanation, and thats now my main crack!

    but as you say, people make mistakes and i might just have to live with that :) lol

  • Sue him?

  • i have no firm evidence though i guess… i can't just say "he made my toe like this" without any proof, can i? :?

  • Well here it is in points:

    1: You had no problem before - if you have been to doctor before and after this will prove it.

    2: He did something he wasn't meant to - he was only meant to work on the right foot.

    3: If it felt weird or nasty as he was doing it - he wasn't doing it right.

  • that's given me something to think about, cheers :)

  • No problem

  • cool 8)
    anyone else got any opinions on my question? it would be good to hear some more

  • Go for it.

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