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  • Ok i think i might have mentioned this briefly ages ago, but i'd like to go into a bit more detail:

    When I was about 13, I fell awkwardly on my right foot, with a lot of weight on the big toe. This caused that big toe to click a lot, which was really annoying :roll:
    So i went to a specialist, who for some reason also playing around with my left foots big toe (maybe he was trying to even me out? :? ). He "pulled" that toe pretty hard, maybe to massage it or something.
    Then the next day I noticed my left foot's big toe clicking. I went back and sort of mentioned my left big toe had started clicking, but he sort of changed the subject :roll:
    I've moved now and i think he has so i'm not thinking of any legal action or anything.

    But the point of this thread was to find out what you guys think:
    is it because he pulled my left toe that it started clicking, or would it have started clicking anyway? and should i be annoyed?

    Thanks for your opinions guys 😮

  • For the specialist to have caused some sort of recurring clicking, he would have had to have broken something in your toe. You probably would have noticed that at the time.

    If you are really worried though, it would be a good idea to see a GP, who will refer you to another specialist if required.

  • Cheers, I've already seen another specialist who seems really good, and he said the clicking/cracking is "normal".

  • lol thanks for the reply though 🙂

  • Maybe something is dislodged.

  • I'd expect a specialist to know though, although I have my doubts.
    I guess we all have things we have to live with in life, I'm sure I'll make friends with a foot doctor or something when I'm older and they can have another look for me.
    Hopefully anyway 😎

  • Oh…oh - using your friends to examine your feet.

    Who said they would want to look at your feet :lol:

  • one of the perks of having friends? lol

  • Yes i am sure people when they are younger idealise their future as examining their friends feet 😛

  • lol! 🙂 ok maybe not 😎

  • Well you might get one friend who has a foot fetish :lol: :lol:

    Or is a foot therapist lol :lol:

  • LOL! That's what I do for a living! Podiatry.

  • Really? You're a podiatrist?

  • I am indeed.

  • Lol how funny that when we have this convo :lol:

    Looks like you have your foot friend :lol:

  • lol.
    good to have a podiatrist on here i guess lol 🙂

  • Do I detect a touch of disbelief there Blaze? Did you know what a podiatrist was? If anyone has a foot related problem I'll be happy to give advice!

  • Me? 😮 Sarcastic? 😮 Cheeky? 😮

    Never :lol:

    Yes i do know what your profession is. I can't spell it lol. And i have a knee problem and atm for some annoying reason i keep getting what i think are like spasms just above my knee.

    It looks like a speaker - the skin goes in and out.

    :lol: Oh yeh - since we are saying what we do:

    I am a student - not learning about feet :lol:

  • Locker165 - what is your take on my toe problem then?
    (The subject of this thread) It would be nice to get some free, professional advice for once 😎

  • I reckon it's fecked! How professional is that? To tell you the truth, I haven't got a clue! Sorry. Without seeing or hearing it, it's hard to tell. what I do know is he shouldn't have pulled it so hard. Ridiculous.

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