At what age did your joints start cracking?

  • I noticed mine about 13,14 i think..

  • I can't really remember but i guess 12/13

  • I think they're all about that age, when new bones start growing maybe?
    Although I'm no bone expert lol

  • Or when you firstly actually comprehend what you see around you and you find out about your body more :lol:

  • I started cracking my knuckles when I was about 7. I didn't move onto the neck and back until I was a teenager, around 13-14. When I first started with my neck I was scared I might kill myself because the pops were loud like a person having their neck broken. It just felt too good to quit.

  • good question
    can't remember
    going with 10
    def activley cracking daily at 13

  • looks like we got a conclusion then, roughly teen age :?

  • Hmmmmmmmm :lol:

  • Started cracking fingers at 14, it took a while to actually get them to crack, after watching a friend do it.
    Spine came a few years later, tried all sorts of stupid techniques before I worked out the ones that would get a result. The first time I managed to do that it was a big relief.

  • I think most people crack their back but only a few like us talk about it… just a theory though 8)

  • No i don't think so.

  • My oldest girl who is now five was watching me crack my knuckles last year and then proceeded to lean her hand on the floor, fingers outstretched. She bent her wrist up and CRACK! I told her not to do it again! Four years old. Too young. I now try not to crack in front of them. 8O

  • Wow?

    Must be sharp to see how to manouever her hand into that and crack as when i first started to crack it was hard.

  • She just put her hand flat on the floor and bent it! And she is quite sharp thanks!

  • Must have hurt though.

  • Don't think so. She has done it a few times.

  • Ah kk.

  • @Locker165:

    She just put her hand flat on the floor and bent it! And she is quite sharp thanks!

    ouch! :)

  • Yeh i thought that too.

  • yeah

  • But apparently not.

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