Hi, I'm Porter, and I'm a crack-aholic

  • Hi there. I just found this site. I figured I'd introduce myself first - before I read too much.

    So my wife HATES my cracking. It's a big issue. I try to hide it from her, but that's not easy. I try to stop. By the end of the day my fingers ache. It's mostly my hands, but I can crack a lot more than that.

    I really want to stop, or at least slow it down severely. With this site, I hope to find a way to do that.

    I'm 28, will be 29 in a few days. I started cracking my knuckles in the 5th grade, but not very often. It's gotten worse over the years. I'd say about 4-5 years ago it got really bad.

    I live in Minnesota, work as a technician for a large company in the area. I'm glad I found this site, it looks like it will be a good help, and lots of support.

    Thanks everyone, I'll post more as I read the site more. Oh, I tend to lurk quite a bit on most sites, but I'll try to post.


  • Hello fellow new one. I just found this site a few weeks ago. I try to hid cracking from everyone, espicallly when I'm at work. I'm a Nurse Assistant, so I'm constantly around other human who have NO need to crack and if I do around then they give me this look like I'm so rude to do so. Do you feel pain if you don't crack? I do, espically in my fingers and spind. My hip usually needs a good crack once a day-or else it's diffucult to walk! I'm ony 25 so I really worry about developing authritis prematurally, it runs in my family like wild cats!

  • Welcome Porter.

    I used to crack my fingers as well and since New Years Day, i am proud to say that i have not cracked intentionally apart from about 2 times.

  • Welcome Porter and Tweety. Be sure to hang around - this forum really does help you to feel not "alone" in your clicking/cracking 😎
    Why not tell us a bit more about your cracks in the Joint Cracking board?

  • Hi, Porter. I'm about your age and I crack a lot too. I used to crack my knuckles obsessively until they were sore, but now I just do it enough until they feel good and I don't obsess on it. At one point I tried to quit and it was all I could think about. I'm not sure how I slowed down. I suspect I pop my knuckles as a stress reliever and I'm just less stressed now. I bet knowing your wife hates it makes it harder to slow down. I wish I knew some way to help you.

  • We understand you 😎

  • Hi Porter. Welcome. I too have a wife who hates my terrible habit of cracking joints. Alls kinds o' random conversations about joint cracking on here….good stuff.

  • yeah its good finding people with the same "talent" or "problem" as you, depends which way you look at it i guess..

  • So that they can give information and advice lol

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