Do you think jointcracking is a good thing?

  • I mean, for me when it happens "automatically" it usually drives me insane lol.
    But say i just did some exercise, then put my feet up and my toe pops, its a really nice feeling, kinda like i've given my toe a workout. And the same goes for other joints like knees and elbows, it feels i've done them some good when i crack them..

  • anyone?

  • Yes I agree. It feels good and that's good enough for me! The more the merrier.

  • I don't think joint cracking is a good thing.
    I think it is a great thing.
    One of my favorite past times.

  • I guess it can be, just a bit dangerous lol

  • So is walking out the door in the morning.

  • I'm 25 and I've been popping my joints since I was about five. I pop my knuckles 3 different ways, my elbows, neck, back, knees, ankles, and my toes. No problems as of yet after 20 years of popping my joints.

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