April Fool's Day

  • Got anything lined up? :lol: Do you guys even celebrate this out of the UK?

  • No what is it all about?

  • @MasterCracker:

    No what is it all about?

    I get a sneaky suspicion i'm being fooled… :lol:

  • At least you didn't get 'rick rolled' :lol:

    April 1 is a great day.

  • only until midday though. it would be cooler if you could do tricks for the whole day:)
    i dunno what that means either lol

  • it's a stupid joke
    thats been played out for more than a minute

    It's when someone pranks you with a link
    and instead of the link u think you are going to
    it's this late 80's Brit (no offense) Pop star rick astly
    who's pretty terrible

    Blaze.. when bossn* * * * r posted that link and it took you to the guy singing instead of jointcrackers…he RickRolled us
    and it wasn't even april 1
    Rest assured that many were rick rolled yesterday
    not me

    google it

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