Psychological reasons?

  • Maybe we get so distracted/ obsessed by cracks because we have a low concentration threshold? I've often wondered that about myself…

  • Nope, for me it is usually a nervouse reaction.

    And i usually have good concetration.

  • what do you mean by nervous reaction? you mean it sort of takes you by surprise? thats what it does to me generally

  • Nope. I mean it as in when i am nervous, my fingers go for eachother and crack. But i stopped so now it is just my hands rub together.

  • Blaze every time i read your posts i try to do it with a swedish accent. :wink:

  • oh i see. :P

  • bod 8 where u at ?
    Downtown Moscow?
    Buenos Aries?
    Cleveland :?:

  • I remember in a p.e. lesson. I had stopped cracking my fingers for 3 weeks and my teacher told me to get up and help him in badminton, my fingers were cracked sub-conciously.

    However, as i mentioned, i am now more accustomed to rubbing my hands together.

    Lol MC - i am not Swedish.

  • Not Swedish?
    My walls are falling down around me.
    I thought i knew you?
    Are you in Cleveland too.
    They say it rocks.
    But I don't think so.
    Cleveland don't Rock.

  • I'm going to start a new thread because I want to know where you all are from.

  • mastercracker and jpad - england, i've said in jpad's new thread lol

  • Lol England here too.

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