Neck cracking/stiff

  • Blaze …. coiled springs? Tendons are made up of STRONG parallel
    muscle fibers. No springs or coils. every one has different ROM limitations. Some peoples tendons/muscles are more flexible than others for many reasons. Perfectly Noraml.

    But nobodys springs are uncoiling buddy. 😉

  • Yeh but the image is of a spring.

    The constant cracking is weakening it - ask a physiotherapist - they can tell straight away.

    Why do people always get stiff necks - clearlY! that isn't what nature intended is it - to cause that amount of discomfort by allowing us to do something that supposedly does no damage

  • clearly nature intended neck pain or people wouldn't have it all the time. Its part of life. Ever met anyone who's never had neck pain. It happens from many other things than cracking. But cracking Clearly is natural. Simply because it happens. remember nature created arthritis and scoleosis and as cruel as they are they are also natural. Nature can be as cruel as it can be kind

    Sorry buddy no springs
    wrong analogy
    pick up an anatomy book and and look at the neck muscles, (SCM,scalenes, levator scapula, etc.) then try to explain the 'coiled spring ' theory again.

    I understand what your saying, but it's simply not true, NOTHING uncoils.
    If you crack/stretch so often that your range of motion increases, in turn your muscles/Tendons become more flexible (NO Uncoiled Springs?) and STRONGER w an increased ROM.

    As for the joints, repetitious motion, usually w weight is what usually causes joint damage or joint problems.(also accidents and disease) Running(weight on knees) Tennis(swinging HARD) Carpal Tunnel ( non stop finger or wrist action). Serious repetitions.
    Cracking your knuckles 20 times a day is not like typeing for 40 hrs a week every week for 20 yrs.
    The typer would have the damage not the Cracker.
    You might be a candidate , you crack AND type on this blog ALOT. you maybe setting youself up. lol

    All that typeing (And Video game playing) is way worse for the joints and muslcles of your hand than simply cracking your joints, by stretching the way that nature intended.

  • Well a spring has strength at first then loses it - and same with tendons.

    Also on websites the analogy is used.

    And i have been here for a while and an active user so i will have posted more than others.

  • @Blaze:

    Ok Bod8 - this is what i am pretty certain you have.

    Ok i have said it before but since you are a new here i will say it here so you don't have to go look for it.

    I feel you may have hypertension in your neck which is when your tendons (imagine are like coiled springs) are, over a time, uncoiled and weakend so that they go floppy. Thus, meaning that the muscles in the neck have to take on more weight to sustain the stability.

    Go to your gp and tell him/her. See what they see. If it is what i say, ask for neck strengthing excercises.

    I was just browsing through old threads when I read your post Blaze - good advice, thanks, i'll tell my GP next time i go ğŸ˜Ž

  • Browsing lol - commenting on everyone yes :lol:

  • well i really like this forum but its gone a bit dead recently, i just want to get it going again!

    PS. anyone know where Jointcracker (the admin) has got to? He hasn't been on for AGES, its not the same without the admin 🙂

  • He's busy - often happens.

    Yeh i did that once - tried to get everything back and alive - doesn't work.

  • oh man.. what if 3 of us do it? (You, me, MC?) And i know others login quite a lot aswell but don't post, maybe we need to persuade them to come back on.. i dunno.

  • Won't work because chances are they are busy or forgot or stopped etc and you don't know their emails.

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