Just thought I'd pop in here and say hi!

  • Hey guys. I used to have the usual cracks - knee and elbow etc, but they never bothered me as they happened so rarely.
    Then came the annoying ones :oops:
    At about 14, I fell awkwardly onto my right foot. Since then, my big toe on that foot cracks, although I must admit it rarely does now. Because of this crack I went to a specialist to try and fix it. Believe it or not he for some reason pulled my left foot's big toe really hard, and now that one clicks like crazy and is my main crack.
    Oh, and I got thumped in the back a while ago and since then my back cracks :roll:
    That's me guys :)

  • Lol i am 14 and it is easy to crack my big toes by clenching it and pushing down on top.

  • really? i do the opposite, they click upwards. eg if i kinda wiggle my toe a bit, it will need to fully extend upwards.

  • Yes i am 14 and i usually just put my thumb and finger around a toe and kind of push it to the side. My big toe is usually the only one i clench.

  • cool

  • My parents always moan at me to stop it lol

  • haha, well mine happen all the time so all the people i know are used to it happening, they say my toes are like "rockets" for some reason. lol

  • Mabe they are big? lol

  • lol normal size i think :lol:

  • Hmmmm.. 20 inches long? :P

  • haha

    1. :lol:

  • No seriously though my toe cracks can be really loud… this may sound crazy but once or twice they have woken me up!

    (obviously when i'm twisting and turning in my sleep and my toe moves into the click position)

    that really ruins my day! 8)

  • Go to bed earlier to compensate for this or maybe take sleeping pills etc.

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