The Cold

  • The cold is well known for making joints much easier to crack but i also think it is easier to damage your joints and since we crack ours, causing more damage.

    I thought about this when playing rugby and smashing my hand into someone when trying to tackle them and suddenly felt great pain and even now 2 days later it is still hurting a bit.

  • Yes, getting hurt does hurt more when it's cold. For me, it doesn't hurt at all to pop my joints, it just feels good. So for me, it's not an issue of hurting more when it's cold. It's just a louder, more satisfying pop.

  • My bad - you have interpreted my words wrong.

    I mean it is easier to damage your joints and because we crack our joints it makes it easier to damage.

  • Blaze what makes you think that cracking joints causes damage?

    You should stop trying to scare the other 'crackers' with your Myths of "damage to joints'.

    My mom used to tell me that too Blaze, but its simply not true.

    It's 'an Old Wives Tale' but you speak like it's a fact.

    Although, DAMAGED joints and tendons, like ones that have suffered traumas/breaks/sprains or other serious injury can make cracks and pops for years to come after the injury THAT is not what were talking about in this forum.

    Joints crack because they are suppossed to.

    Thats how G*d designed them, it's perfectly normal, and healthy.

    or WHY? would all of us on this site 1. CRACK 2. Enjoy it (some of us with a passion) 3. Discuss Cracking and it's pleasures?

    Rugby probably causes more joint damage every year than cracking ever could friend.

  • So did Gdo intend for people to contort their bodies in such defying ways that they can pull discs, snap tendons and break bones?

    Just because something hasn't been proved, doesn't mean it isn't real. Like Gdo - whoever proved he is real yet you claim that He is?

    My point exactly.

  • ?? :roll:

    I didn't mean 'G*d' like 'Jesus father' or "allah'

    I simply mean joints are designed to crack

    by nature if you will

    it's natural

    it's what they do

    there supposed to

    Thats why you and everyone else on here Cracks.

  • Natural? If it was natural then everybody would be able to crack. However some people i know can't crack joints because i think the reasoning is that the bones are too far apart or something.

    Now, if you say it is natural, how comes not everyone can do it?

    Was it was nature intended to happen?

  • Blaze : So did Gdo intend for people to contort their bodies in such defying ways that they can pull discs, snap tendons and break bones?

    You tell me:

  • Ahhh, these people train to be able to do these things. They wouldn't be able to do them straight away and if they did they would hurt themselves.

  • It's also Natural that not everyone cracks.

    Most people do to some degree.
    Some people go to chiropractors to get cracked.

    Perfectly natural if someone never cracks in there life, although I would feel bad for them. real bad

  • but bodies were made by nature to do this. obviously. Simply because they can.

  • Ah i am glad you made this point as i was considering a possible reason.

    Firstly, please look at this website:

    This shows that when people crack their necks they are moving it past the normal region which shows that shouldn't be done.

    In answer to nature, well you tell me, a chiropractor "realigns your spine" etc yet they are not recognised in the medical profession. Why is this?

    Maybe some of their methods or theories - one such famous neck crack they do caused one woman to have simultaneous strokes and die. The artery was pinched.

    So would it seem that cracking was not good?

  • Blaze: So would it seem that cracking was not good?

    Cracking is not good.
    It's Great.

    I've never been to a chiropractor myself or said anything about them re-aligning your spine. I said some people go to them to get cracked. I crack myself. and stretch often to keep my spine healthy, and flexible, and cracking.

    That page you sent me to was written by a chiropratic group though 8O

    I've mentioned before that forcing your neck past it's normal ROM (range Of Motion) is not desirable as it can cause stress/strain to the neck and upper back muscles. look in the "Have you noticed" thread.

    that Link of yours mentions grabbing your head to force the cracks(we have all done it before), but what about simple gravity? No hands just relaxed rotations of the neck causing the cracks. simple lateral flexion no hands. just beautiful stretching. the more you relax the better the chance for the crack. and full 360 degree rotations of the neck with no hands keeping all necks muscles flexible and joints mobilized.

  • Yes well even the guys who do things wrong can do things right :lol:

    I don't use my hands usually but still, after you crack your neck feels shortly after a great relief the need to want to crack again?

    As one of JC's thread goes, what if the undesireable feeling you feel when you need to crack is actually how the neck used to be?

    Shows we have done something wrong.

  • we've done nothing wrong

    3rd paragraph from the bottom of the page you sent me to:

    'Some popping in the back or neck occurs spontaneously with movement and may be normal.'

  • How do you know?

    People get fat knuckles for example which is an example of one of the things we are doing to our joints when we crack them.

    Another with our neck is that when we crack the neck, we uncoil the tendon so it becomes floppy. This then means that the muscle has to take on extra weight and causes stiffness.

    I knew about hypertension and told some guy on a game i used to play to go to a GP and to ask for neck strengthing excercises and to state his case. Everything that i said was what the doctor said.

  • Blaze I saw a Cirque du Soliel performance last weekend that would have blown your joint damage worried mind.

    can't believe I just found it.
    This kind of thing needs to be seen LIVE :

    gotta go

    Crack because your supposed to.

  • Blaze: So did Gdo intend for people to contort their bodies in such defying ways that they can pull discs, snap tendons and break bones?

    you tell me:

  • Don't really wanna watch them lol but we will contine this later :lol: 😉

  • But back to the Cold thing.
    It does seem to effect joint cracking?
    louder Cracks?

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