Pop! goes the weasel

  • Greetings, yo, hola, konichiwa.
    I'm a rusty young weasel named Breah, and I just thought I'd try to connect on a stiff level with you other crackers.
    I have been cracking for… 10 years and yes, I'm only 19. And wow it feels orgasmic to this day. BUT I know it is bad for you if you need to crack in order to feel better. Yo, that's me. My back is a twisted knotty tree that needs pressure on the spine to relax. But what's more? When I crack my back, my elbows give in, my shoulders, my sternum even pops and I feel like I'm in a gruesome undead chiropractor's office, but really, it feels oh so sweet. I wouldn't be not surprised if my hips shoot off and my ankles get stuck on their sides when I dive into a cracking session. But, my neck is the worst, and I can actually play tunes with it, it's quite splendid.
    Anyway! It will be nice to meet you so called weirdos and maybe we can invent some sort of interpretive dance orgy that cures muscle stiffness.
    peace and chow,

  • You can play tunes cracking your neck? I would like to see that.

  • Correction,
    When I haven't cracked in awhile, I can get 7 cracks on each side, and with careful precision, a rhythm is born!
    teehee I'm such a stoner…

  • When i haven't cracked for a good number of hours i can get 4+

  • I don't quite understand this thumb thing, but if it gets painful it's probably a sign.

  • thumb?

    oh and 5+ now 😉

  • welcome fellow stoner and cracker

  • Welcome 🙂

  • Don't go to the chiropractor - physiotherapist 😉

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