Crackin my neck

  • oh my g*d, I just cracked my neck, 3 loud cracks on one side two on the other- those kind of cracks where your neck kinda twitches at each loud crack. I've been sitting here trying to restrain myself while the wife was sitting nearby because it drives her crazy to hear my neck crack. aaah, if only she knew how it felt!

  • I get that similar the first cracks of the morning.

  • whats the most cracks you get on each side? there are 7 cercical vertebrae but the most i ever seem to get with with a rotated twist is 5 on each side. Ever hang from a pull up bar + then bring your chin to your chest and crack lower neck c6 and c7? love that one. cracker jack…

  • i get anywhere from 4/6 im not sure if i have got 7

  • I think maybe 5 is all I've ever done on one side of the neck.

    I've done the pullup bar techniqe. Another good one that takes a little practice is to hold yourself up between to bars or countertops. An escalator would be a good example of what I mean. Lock your elbows with you feet off the ground, then try to totally relax and let you spine fall. It takes practice to be able to relax enough to get a pop, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy and it feels great.

  • I just move my neck and get a load of cracks.

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