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  • Yo!

    I'm new, so i thought I'd give a list of What I'm cracking, from the head down. I's like to know what I'm doing is potentially dangerous, and what is alright to keep.

    Timing. These arent exact numbers, but ill post approx. how much time it takes to crack the same joint again. By 0 min it means i can crack the same joint again immediately, or a few times in a row

    Neck- (1-3 hours for a "reset) - Both Sides (Chin-lifting with palm) , lower

    When I say lower neck that may need some explaining, I lay on the floor like in a sit-up position. And i pt both hands behind my head and lift up like doing a sit-up. But i dont exert any stomach muscles. My chin touches my chest and goes just a bit farther, it cracks as it starts to dig into chest.

    Back- (3-6 hours for a "reset) - Upper, Sides/lower (Just planting my feet and twisting, maybe leaning to the side and backa bit as well, i also sometimes crack my ankles this way), Middle - Upper

    By Upper Back I put my fists on my shoulder blades and push upwards while bending backwards and trying to keep my balance

    By Middle To Upper only works on certain chairs, like the kind in school. The chair goes about halfway up my back, and is connected to desk by a metal bar. I push away from the desk, my back going backwards slightly on whatever Vertebrae the top of the chair is on, and pops. Then i shift up or down in the chair and pop the next.

    Jaw-(0-5 min) - left/right

    This one's hereditary (look ma! No hands!). I go past the point where i can lock my jaw and then slide it over the locking point.

    Knuckles - all, 3-4 (6 max.) pops per main finger (20 - 150 min), 2-3 for thumb (0 - 20 min) and pinky (0 - 20 min)

    Twist, Pull back, Push forward. Push to the Sides while holding the base of the finger with my thumb. Whatever works.

    Elbow - (4 -12 hours and becoming more frequent)

    Usually I just throw my arm out stright in front o me or to the side and stretch forward and it crackles or pops. No other joint crackles for me so i dont know what that means.

    Knees/Wrist/Shoulder/Ankle - (monthly, weekly for the ankle and knee [knee used to be less])

    Occasionally I feel pressure. I stop my train of thought. Because I know that I'll lose it if i dont pop it now. A slight twist or pull, maybe just Pull it straight. I'll know what i need when i feel it. It works.

  • Ah, yes. One More Concern

    At times (usually just after cracking my back the twisting way) I get extremely and unnaturally dizzy, i usually lose my footing. Sometimes everything goes purple like when you look into a bright light and then close your eyes. Usually I'm able to have enough footing to make myself fall onto a bed or couch nearby until it goes away, but i have taken it standing more thn once. But there was that one time i almost smashed my head into a dooor because of it…Any ideas on this?

  • Ah with the back thing sounds similar to my neck thing.

    I feel sick for a few seconds, there are some bright patches where i can't see and i get a headache.

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