The list and the SI crack

  • Wow, I can't believe there are so many out there like me!
    I remember my first crack, I must have been a pre-teen, my dad came home from the chiro, and gave me a big hug which cracked my whole upper back. There was no turning back… now it is obsessive I think the only thing that doesn't crack readily is my left thumb and sturnum, and I have never cracked my nose.
    Currently my favorite crack is sitting on the floor hold your knees to your chest and rock back onto your sit bones, I usually get a few cracks out of my SI joint (tailbone/pelvis joint) that way. I am sure this isn't good, but it sure feels like it.

  • oh and walking without shoes or with flip flops results in an ankle crack with each step…

  • ewwwh about how you crack your back - did that start hurting when you did it?

  • No pain, more of a "is that suppossed to move? can I do that again?!" Im not sure if men can do that one, it started after I had my first kiddo…

  • Oh, well maybe a part of your body became more lax etc.

  • My tailbone cracks in the same way. It sounds like like a boom than a crack. It's one of the most satisfying joints to crack. I'm a woman that's had babies, but I've been able to do it since I was a teenager.

  • Did you have children young?

    Maybe some bones are more lenient in females than males?

  • I tried your technique but didn't get a crack yet 😞 I can see/feel how this might crack a lumbar vertebrae. Where do you feel the crack? And do you get more than one crack at a time? How many cracks do you usually go for or get? do you rock slow or can you jolt to get a crack? Thanks for the move.

  • How do you know all these joints?

    I guess that by rocking slow over a joint will cause some discomfort, so i am guessing either it is a quick movement or a slow movement but you have to deal with the pain.

  • Wow I just reread your post and looked up the Sacroiliac joint. you can crack that thing? Wild. I wonder if I've ever popped it before and thought it was lower lumbar crack? Thankx

  • thanks to who?

  • thanks too the first post for sharing the technique for the SI joint and for even mentioning it so that I am aware of it and that it can crack. Learn something new everyday. I googled it and image searched it. I am familiar with it just never thought of cracking it. Thanks to you too Blaze for sharing a passion for CRACKIN'

  • :lol:

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