• Well, it started with the knuckles YEARS ago, and then went to the toes, my left wrist (the right one won't crack), my right ankle (the left one won't crack), and my knees…though the knees only crack on their own.
    When I hurt my back three years ago I graduallay started having to crack my back...and most recently it's the neck.

    I am Liz, a joint cracker and I found this board while googling techinques to crack a neck b/c I have a need to do it and haven't been able to get it to go in over 2 weeks. Maybe this place will help.

    I'm almost 21, aside from a joint cracker I'm an obsessive music listener and internet user. I hope I'll find some good info here. 🙂

  • Sometimes it I can't get my neck to crack I will put some Icy hot on it , let that work for a while and pop or take a hot shower,I think I get my best neck cracks in the shower.

  • I find it cracks easiest when I've been sitting at the desks of my college for too long … but those things are HORRIBLE so it makes sense.
    I'll have to try the shower thing. 🙂

  • It is really hard to crack after you have got it 4 times on each side. Then like 2 more are really hard to get and hurt when you try to get them. If you do get them - they feel nice but you are left with pain. 😢

  • LOL half the time I can't even get one, let alone four.

  • Really?

    I got like 10 this morning. They like all crack at once on one side accumulating to about 5/6.

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