Hola fellow joint crackers

  • I just want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the joint cracking community. I've been cracking since my childhood, and it's become a chronic problem, that I find frequnently interferes with my social life. I don't know about you, but sitting down to a formal dinner and having my ankles constantly popping ruins the moment. And when i'm on a date!? forget about it. I am so comforted to know that there are others like me out there, I truly belived I was the only one experiencing such suffering.

    In addition to my ankles being the main source of my crakcing issues, my thumbs also crack frequently. My hand distorts into a strange position, and I am constantly given weird looks as a result. If there are any others with problems like mine I would love to hear your stories!


    p.s I bet I could out-crack you all. 😛

  • Bet you couldn't outcrack the guys who can crack their manhood! :lol:

    But regardless, your ankle cracking - maybe do you move them about a lot and stretch them, maybe because you do a lot of sport?

    With the thumbs thing, i don't know because when i used to crack them, i would have a refractory period.

  • joint cracking is not a competition it's a team. So now how much are you willing to bet? lol :lol: Crack Nasty

  • Lol :lol:

    Well he made the competition lol and i don't think they can crack their 'crown jewels' :lol:

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