• Could anyone help me. My twins have been diagnosed with hypermobility in their leg joints and more recently arthritis also in their leg joints. They are only 5 years old and i really don't know how to help them. They tend to suffer a lot of pain in the early hours and scream the whole house down. My GP has prescribed ibuprofen 5ml every night and they have been having this dosage for a year or more. I feel like I'm fighting a loosing battle, I keep getting fobbed off and would appreciate any advice of alternative ways to help with the pain. Thank you

  • I'm sorry that you and your twins are going through this pain. You may need to see more of a specialist. You may want to try going to a Rheumatologist:

    Maybe they will have more options. Maybe there are options with physical therapy. I'm no expert at all, though.

  • Thank you I thought this would be the case. They went to see a pediatrics specialist for the diagnosis he said that they will review it in 12 months. I am trying to find alternative ways of treatment for them because i don't want them to become addicted to ibruprofen. Unfortunately with this cold weather it's becoming worse during the day. Roll on summer I say! thank you again for your help.

  • Hmm. I have no idea if this would help your twins' condition, but I know two people who take Glucosamine for their joint pain. Both claim that, with consistant usage, their pain had improved significantly. It may be something to research.

  • Maybe see if anyone in your family has had a similar problem and trace their steps, ie. ask them how they dealt with it and the problems that they faced with it etc.

    Hope this helps,



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