• That guys pro though.
    He obviously knows what he's doing.

    He can crack me.
    If he was a woman I'd want to marry him.
    Have him do that every morning and every night.

  • Lol

    Are you married atm?

  • 8O Not married

    You know that ATM stands for more than 1 thing 8O

    careful or someone may get confused

    I didn't make the rules I just play the game

  • What else does it mean?

    I mean it as in - at the moment.

    Lol didn't think so.

  • urban dictionary will help you. I'm leaving this 1 alone.

  • Just tell me lol

  • Ewww! I just looked it up. This is almost like the time in middle school that the boy next to me in homeroom explained the significance of the number 69, only much worse. :oops:

  • Def much worse.

  • l* * o

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