• hey this first video is like a dream fantasy… I like!


    anyone think this would be fun…..


  • Some videos are just disgusting and especially the animal ones and some of the videos are fake and just not worth bothering to watch when you can D.I.Y

  • That makes me jump out of my skin! But, yeah, I would like to do that too.

  • Except the worst scenario of having your neck done like that (maybe not that one) but the famous very loud neck crack that chiropractors do can kill you.

  • so can doing it yourself. meh, theres risks to EVERY form of medical therapy. theres risks involved in simply going to school/work. The risk isnt massively high, plus…it looks awesome

  • where do I sign up?

  • for membership or to see more of their videos?

  • lol he means where does he sign up so he can have whats done in the video done to him

  • AH my bad - thanks Inquis lol :lol:

    Little tired - 2600 word essay etc has me very tired.

    You don't wanna sign up lol MC

  • I def want to sign up.

    I'd have that done once a week.

    Now that brother is a true Master Cracker.

    I feel like an a* * * * * r now.


  • Not really since he isn't doing it himself.

    Plus, can u imagine the torment they must go through when trying to get the same feeling again. I go through enough trying to get a silly one let alone like 12 cracks.

  • Yeah but it must be fun to crack other people.

    Actually I know it is , because I have practicing Shiatsu techniques.

    But that guys doing some Advanced cracking techniques that look sweet.

  • Yeh i did it to a friend's finger once and he said it hurt for ages.

  • That guys pro though.
    He obviously knows what he's doing.

    He can crack me.
    If he was a woman I'd want to marry him.
    Have him do that every morning and every night.

  • Lol

    Are you married atm?

  • 8O Not married

    You know that ATM stands for more than 1 thing 8O

    careful or someone may get confused

    I didn't make the rules I just play the game

  • What else does it mean?

    I mean it as in - at the moment.

    Lol didn't think so.

  • urban dictionary will help you. I'm leaving this 1 alone.

  • Just tell me lol

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