Sleep and cracking

  • Don't know, tried using google as you said. I didn't call you a child, you impersonated me so i made a joke.

  • google fails again

  • yeh you just can't find a lyrics engine where you can type a few words from the song.

  • I can hear it in my head. Something about ship of fools sail away from me. Am I close?

  • jPad
    I had a feeling you, if anyone, were gonna be the one to get the million points :!:
    score, although you didn't name the song
    you are on target, and that is another line in the song

  • 'ship of fools'
    Grateful Dead
    G* d Bless Jerry Garcia

  • what is dmt?

  • read the beginning of the thread
    use google, i know you know how
    either way your 'only 14' remember
    so don't worry about it till your older

  • I want to know lol :lol:

    Always good to know stuff, i remember weird stuff from researching things. Like whales - why do their fins curl over in Seaworld etc?

    (It isn't exactly known but there is a theory)

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