Cracking neck & back during/after o* * * * m

  • Mastercracker, A/S/L?

    I'll have to tell my husband I'm hitting on someone on the internet, lol.

  • LMFAO: Laugh my fcking a s off

    LOL: Laugh Out Loud

    LMAO: Laugh my a* s off

    PMSL: P* * s myself laughing

    Oh right for all you old fogies


  • jpad yours gets mine.

    let me crack that for you 8)

  • L* * o Mastercracker!

    Why don't you put that cracking bit into a quote?

  • I'll let you crack mine, if you let me crack yours :oops: :lol:

  • ROFL!

    Ah that is another term to add to my thread

    You should put that in your signature - like mine is about Sparta!

  • How do you go about doing that?

  • Lol you go onto your profile :lol:

  • I've done this before. I never knew why this was, but your explanation makes sense. I call it 'Cracking Off.'

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