Cracking neck & back during/after o****m

  • @jpad:

    Forgot to update. I tried this and it did work, but the crack was a small one. Maybe I didn't need it that bad. I'd imagine it might be one of those things that gets better with practice, but I don't think I want to start on a new obsession, especially one that could be viewed as weird.

    LOLOL :lol: :lol:

    I'm sure some people already think cracking is weird and you do that in public? Whereas with the other one you don't.

    But even so, (to the main thread) you must not be cracking those parts before you o****m or you are cracking even ones that even neck crackers can't.

  • Not in public, but usually with a partner who I would rather not gross out. :lol:

  • Ah lol :lol:

    Yeh i couldn't imagine someone doing THAT in public lol :lol:

  • LOL cracking isn't weird… though I know a few people who squirm if I do it in front of them. I know, it's like nails on chalkboard to some people - I used to squirm when people crack their own necks, and honestly I still do even though I crack my own. I guess my own cracks don't sound as bad to me as they do to others...

    Anyway, I have to try this - it sounds interesting. LOL

  • Yep, people will always be grossed out by some things people do - its nature.

  • Yes, cracking my neck, back, toes, knuckles after s*x seems to be extra satisfying….I've had several female partners over the years that have also enjoyed this post-s*x activity.....

  • No sh*t . I will see my girl tomorrow and I'm going to Have to try this out. I can't believe you had a partner that had the same story. S*x then Cracking sounds like my kind of party. Crack on and on…..

  • def better then a cigarette …Do you think there is a chiropracter couple somewhere that has s*x and cracks each other afterwards. theres got to be right...I can here them cracking right now...

  • No chiropractor!

  • i guess then I need to find a beautiful chiropractor who will do me then crack me and the do me again. Where are you s*x and crack maniac? 8O

  • Go to a physio - just please don't go to a chiropractor!

  • Do we need to set up a personals section on this site. 😉

  • personals section would be cool:

    'hey read your post and you sound nice, want to get together for dinner and a movie, then if we hit it off we could go back to my place and crack all night long. Did I mention i'm capable of multiple cracking. I can crack over and over throughout the night. and i've got many compliments on the size of my lower back crack. more than one partner has said they have never seen a crack so big. i'm blushing :oops: so contact me if your interested , I'll be cracking while i wait 😉 '

    yeah baby
    do i make you want to crack happy baby?

    cracker personals that would be classic

    Crackers unite

  • L***O!

    Mastercracker! :lol:

  • what does lmafo stand for

    i've been tryin but i have NO idea

  • Ogers eat maggotts . Really? Hmm..Who knew.

  • Mastercracker, A/S/L?

    I'll have to tell my husband I'm hitting on someone on the internet, lol.

  • L***O: Laugh my f*cking a*s off

    LOL: Laugh Out Loud

    L**O: Laugh my a*s off

    PMSL: P**s myself laughing

    Oh right for all you old fogies


  • jpad yours gets mine.

    let me crack that for you 😎

  • L**o Mastercracker!

    Why don't you put that cracking bit into a quote?

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