Nose Cracking

  • Has anyone ever cracked their nose? I discovered this by accident over a year ago. I was blowing my nose and whilst still having my nose is a pinching grip accidentally yanked it leftwards and Bang! Feathers flew. This sounds disgusting but I then inserted a rolled tissue (rolled to a point) up my nose, thick enough to fill my entire nostril, pressed it against the inside gristle bit until CRACK, a huge pop!!….the angels whept! The sensation is indescribeable! Then I did it to the right nostril and that was day was made!

    Anyone else know about this yet?

  • i crack my nose…

  • Look at this:

  • No i haven't, but some other member on here described how they cracked their nose by twisting the tip of their nose i think.

    I tried to do it but failed.

  • WoW
    I had no idea.
    Blaze you tried this?
    I wonder if these people have had heir nose broke before?

  • I put my twisted tip of nose yes and didn't work but didn't try very hard because i didn't want to cause pain.

  • maybe we can increase the flexibility of our noses

  • why would we need our noses to be flexible though? :)

  • To throw hoops on them.

  • I have No idea
    Why wouldn't we want flexible noses.

  • …..... lol :)

  • Like that elephant nose dunker game.

  • because you can

  • lol

  • Yep

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