Chronic tic

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    While discussing joint cracking, catherine linked joint cracking to a chronic tic:

    Of course, some folk suffer from 'chronic tics' which is similar to TS in that the tics are present, but not all the other features of TS. Not all tics necessarily lead to a diagnosis of fully blown TS.

    Post here if you have more conclusive evidence on this.

  • TS?
    and how conclusive do you think it is that these are linked to cracking/clicking?
    this is a pretty interesting lead which needs to be followed up…

  • Yeh - what is TS?

  • anyone know?

  • looked on other thread - tourettes syndrome.

  • ah thx, yeah i guess it seems like it could be linked to that, the way we suddenly feel the urge to crack

  • If you stop for ages you lose that urge. I finally broke my hold from cracking since New Years Day!!!!!!! As i cracked top joints on fingers properly and it sometimes gets the main joints in fingers so there was no point then.

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