The Cracking Sign-Up thread

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    Hi everyone, I just joined this forum.

    Rather than writing about what joints i like to crack (same as everyone else- all of them!), I thought i would encourage more people to join up.

    There are always people visiting this site, but not often posting. So I would encourage all visitors to join, it only takes a few seconds.

    When you sign up, come and post in this thread, hopefully we can get some more regular posting happening in this forum.

    Also, all new (and old) members gain access to this complimentary poll, where you can let your opinions be known 🙂

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    Woodoo, welcome and thanks for the effort!

    It is perfectly normal for most people to just lurk. They will come around whenever they feel they have something to say or to ask.

  • This is my favourite forum at the moment 😄

  • It's pretty cool that this site is in google when you type "cracking joints".
    it should have more members!

  • Wow, this thread has filled up since I last saw it. Been lurking in the shadows for a while, then I saw my old thread pop up 🙂 I must say that it is good to see a lot more activity on here than a few months ago. Certainly is a unique forum.

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