Tourette's Syndrome

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    Joint cracking has been linked to Tourette's syndrome by Steviemfc:

    Like you I had never heard of joint cracking being linked with TS either, however the representative of Tourettes Scotland was saying at the recent OCDUK conference in Stirling that cracking joints is a really common symptom for lots of TS sufferers.

    Post here if you have more conclusive evidence on this.

  • Never ever heard of this before.

    I don't really see how it is linked either - maybe if it is something to do with in the brain? :?

  • Possibly, maybe people feel a "need" to do it?

  • People have that feeling without even having tourettes but deciding to start cracking.

  • yeah, maybe OCD? or possibly just human nature. perhaps we'll find out sometime in our lifetime? lol

  • Maybe yours lol not mine.

    I am happy the way i am.

  • @Blaze:

    Maybe yours lol not mine.

    I am happy the way i am.

    yeah we need to accept the cracks we were intended to have 8) lol no but seriously that's a good point :)

  • That isn't about the tourettes :?

  • whoops sorry i've been a bit "off it" recently 8O

  • Yes :lol:

  • lol

  • :)

  • OCD is an anxiety disorder, and joint-cracking seems to relieve physiological tension. I'm a bit obsessive, also. Hence, the theory wins my seal of plausibility approval.

  • yeah well said knuckled. i don't know if it has been "officially" proved, but i know people such as ourselves who believe there is a link

  • I don't think so that much - i understand some points however.

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