New member-love this site!

  • Wow, I cannot believe I have found this website. I am a long-time cracker, 41 years old, been cracking since my teens.

    I guess I should list all the joints I crack on a daily basis.

    Neck, several times daily. –-can do so via the following.
    1. I have a stiff backed chair, I can pull my back/neck into and will get about four -five cracks.

    2. I have hardwood floors in my home, I can lie on my back, roll my feet back towards over my head and get 5-6 cracks, then while lying flat, I can twist my neck to get 2 cracks. I can then lift my neck off the floor and sometimes get another one.

    3. I see an Accupressure massage person every Friday and he cracks my entire back and neck by pressure on my spine while I am on my stomach.

    4. he can also take my neck while I am sitting and grab and twist my neck while holding my jaws.

    I can now open my mouth pulling my lower jaw down and get a crack a couple of times a day

    I can do several ways, pulling out, side to side, on downward pull on my thumbs.

    1. using my stiff backed chair.---3-4 times a day
    2. the method above lying on hardwood floor.
    3. I can bend forward to remove my shoes and my spine pops several times.

    can lie on my back and butterfly each leg and get a hip crack.

    can do this several times a day, standing a quick side shift will get a crack

    I can take my ankle and rotate it and get a crack or take the opposite foot and bend it down and get a pop.

    take the other foot and push all the toes downwards , usually get all to pop except for the big toe.

    Big toe-pull out to the side with the opposite foot.

    Ok, so I have let you all know just how big a crackhead I am.

    Hope to learn by perusing the forums of some other techniques

  • !!!!!!!!!

    I'm surprised when you walk you don't crack all the time!

    That is a humongous list!

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