I crack also when I'm not wanting to.

  • My ankles sound like popcorn some of the time, it makes my mom laugh. Does anyone else get this too?

  • No. but it sounds like you are popping many joints to get the multiple clicking sound.

  • Yes I get that too Hazkui. Don't feel alone :D
    And popcorn is a good way to describe it, I know exactly what you mean :)

  • Or different areas in the one joint.

  • Yeah good point.

  • That is like with my toes.

    Trying to get it to crack in different areas on toe.

  • different areas of the same toe? lol you're talented blaze 8)

  • No i mean like in one area and manipulating it in different ways.

    I once did it on my finger. Hurt a lot from it.

  • Ouch! :D

  • Yeh it was the first joint like near the fingertip.

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