Hilarious: Jointcracking caused by over m**********n

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    Now we finally know why our joints crackle! We just m*********d too much!
    This is the question:

    I read the article posted on you website about the little guy who started m**********g at the age of 7.I got really scared because I think i suffer from the same problem. I'm a computer engineering student at a univ in buffalo.I started m**********g at the age of 14.I used to do it two times a day everyday. Now I suffer from premature e*********n and I have pains in my back and my hip joints.I also get crackling sounds from all the joints in my body. I want to know that if I stop doing it now will everything get back to normal and if it will how long will it take.I donot want to take medicines for it beaucse im worried about the side effects and the emabarrasment.Ive been trying for a long time to quit m**********n but I thikn ive become obsessed with it.Please help me and tell me what should I do.I donot want to goto a doctar and that is why im emailing you.I have no problems of low concentration or insomia since im doing very good at skool.Please reply me back on my email and tell me how can i get cured.

    The all-knowing Dr. Lin was kind to answer.

    Your Over-m**********n gives you these problems.
    Currently, your body produce a high level of stress neurohormone adrenalin to heighten the sympathetic nervous function, but lower down the parasympathetic nervous function for restoration and healing and for production of the relaxation and elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1. Your muscles, joints and ligaments become inflexible or inelastic - rigid and fragile. That is, you have experienced muscular tearing or stretching pains and produced cracking sounds when you turns your neck or joints.

    Yeah, right! :lol:

  • wow, the first time i read through that the only thing i understood were the commas.

    but come on. i'm a cracker because i'm a freak, not a s****t.

  • hahahaha

    this made me laugh

  • Hey I'm now 21. I'm experiencing the same things like you I've started f*****g when I was 12. Now I'm 21. I too hear cracking sounds in bones. I too have fear, premature e*********n etc. I'm very upset that my life became a tragedy

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