Long Time Cracker

  • I've been a bone cracker for quite sometime now. It first started with toes. I can pop my big toes anytime I please. It then move to neck, back, and then knees. While it always feels great to pop my back, I'm slightly concerned about the danger of it, if there is a risk. Usually when I pop my bones, they make a loud pop. With others in the room, it gets their attention. I've mentioned it to my doctor during routine checkups, and he said that it's not know why these bones are able to pop. If I continue to pop my back, neck, toes, etc…, will I start to become paralyzed or something?

  • Hi SilentWulf,

    Firstly, you crack the joints, not the bone.

    Secondly, i feel the same about you with back cracking about potential damage but not paralysis but now that i think about it, the idea is not unfathomable.

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