Knuckle Swelling

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    I'm interested to study the correllation between habitual cracking and the swelling of the knuckles. I haven't found much research on the topic, but would love to learn more. Right now I'm assuming that swelling of the finger knuckles is an automatic side effect of frequent cracking. Additionally, I'm curious if the swelling goes down once someone gives up the habit. This concerns me since I think many people find swollen knuckles unattractive.

  • My knuckles don't swell when cracking. There's only one way to see if the swelling will go down if you stop cracking. Is the swelling a bad thing? Usually, when some part of your body swells up, it's not a good thing.

  • I've been cracking my knuckles for over 30 years. They are now clearly enlarged and feel swollen and tight unless I take naproxen daily. The swelling is most dramatic in the proximal interphalangeal joints (the main knuckles on each finger). At this point I suspect the deformity is permanent, although I wish I could give up the habit and find out for sure.

  • My knuckles aren't swollen but they are always red - so maybe they are then - but i feel no pain?

  • I have been cracking my knuckles habitually for probably 10-12years minimum and yes, I believe this habit is responsible for my knuckles being swollen. They are especially bad in the winter when its cold….

  • I've been cracking my knuckles for 22 years, many times per day and I have no swelling or pain.

  • Wow, i guess depends on the amount of pressure put on, how you crack etc

  • i dont crack knuckles but i get swelling around my toes, also especially when its cold :?

  • Don't know then.

  • hmm..

  • Your body is just different maybe

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