The Role of Injury

  • Personally, I can't help but to notice that there seems to be a relationship between injury and knuckle cracking in people who have a tendency toward knuckle cracking.

  • what kinds of injuries are you interested in using as a comparison?

    I've had tendonitis in my hand once ouch but i've never broken a bone there.

  • I'm lucking in that I've never broken any bones. 🙂

  • well, I was really thinking more along the lines of sprains. Or perhaps even less serious injuries. It seems to me that with even minor trauma or strain to a particular joint, the propensity of that joint to "crack" increases. Just a personal observation of mine, maybe other people don't have the same experiences.

  • I believe there is something to this. I broke my big toe years ago. After it healed the joint cracked very easily for several years. It was markedly different than the other big toe.

  • i don't know if it has anything do do with my joint-cracking personally - but i have fractured my wrist - which i crack now.

    I have also had a hole in my head from smashing my head on a lamppost - i didnt do it, i fell from something.

    I don't know if the head thing is related but it might be.

  • Not speaking of any hand injury here, because my knuckle cracking started basically because I was curious how it was done one day and boom…been doing it ever since.
    But my back and my neck are the direct result of my injury - a fall down the stairs three years ago where I ended up with a vertebral subluxation. That's when the back cracking started, b/c it does tend to help the discomfort. As for the neck, it started getting stiff like a year to a year and a half ago, but I only started cracking it I think...this summer.

  • Injury and cracking do seem to have a link… i developed a bad and cracking back after i got hit hard in the back :oops:

  • Yep in my opinion i think there is a definite link between the two.

  • yup, agreed

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