My joints crack on their own when I am getting a migraine

  • Has anyone else experienced this? My hips, knees, ankles, elbows and shoulders become very "cracky" when I have a migraine coming on. I also have a twinge in my neck. Usually at this time if I take anti-migraine meds it will not develope into a full blown migraine. I've told every doctor I have met about this and they have no idea what to make of it. Any other migraine sufferers who crack a lot when they are headache-y?

  • that sounds very weird. i get headaches but that doesnt happen to me…

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    A few days ago, I was in a high stress situation, developed a twisted neck and had a huge irresistible desire to crack my neck multiple times.

    A twisted neck, usually correlates with a headache for me.

  • i usually get the other way round..

  • Headache after cracking.

  • yup

  • :(

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