Movies / short films depicting jointcracking

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    Nevermind gave me the idea to start a topic to collect links or info on all movies and short films showing people cracking their joints.

    Please add replies to this topic when you know of any other such clips.

    Director: Kosai Sekine
    Movie Type: Short Film
    Year: 2006
    Title: Right Places
    Joints Cracked: Neck (3)

    The main character shows quite obsessive behavior.

  • Here's a video I found on youtube of a girl cracking another girl's back. It only cracks on the first try, but its a good crack.

    Anybody found any other good youtube cracking videos?

  • hawt 8O

  • I'm gonna make a short cracking tutorial for the cracks I know and put on youtube.
    I'll have a link up when it's done :)

  • hidalgo

  • The Simpson's had an episode where Homer discovered that his banged up trash can could crack people's backs. He started charging, and the chiropractors who were losing business came after him.

    King Ralph's starting scene has John Goodman laying down while his servants twist and pop his back.

    Kids in the Hall had a sketch with a guy who popped his back. I found this transcript:

  • I think Bad Boys 2 has it.

  • Rocky Balboa

  • Blade 2

  • Whats that Jackie Chan movie where the guy doe a bunch of sick cracking sequences before he fights so he's all loose. He uses the cracking to scare jackie. He did this sick crack by pointing his toes to the floor and then rotating his ankle in big circles. I've been doing it ever since. So i actually learned a great crack from a movie. I'll have to find the name of it. Its late 90's. That move may crack your knee or hip also.

  • Check :wink:

  • G* d you got to the internet, a couple of clicks and presto….

    the movie name is 'who am i'
    not a bad watch as far as jackie chan movies go
    watch at 2:07
    the cracks do sound like sound effects though
    good leg technique either way

  • I also love to read and Eldest. The film has a scene where an elf cracks.

  • The Matrix: Where Neo faces one to one with Agent Smith and he realises he can beat him.

  • a tv programme:


  • Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. This is so gross, but as soon as I saw it I thought of this thread. The neck crack is at 1:22.

  • A Night at the Museum

  • @jpad:

    Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. This is so gross, but as soon as I saw it I thought of this thread. The neck crack is at 1:22.

    My friend that that film is great but that is sick and that guy is disgusting.

  • Little Britain: Little Britain Abroad - Part 1

  • Chuck - Pilot

  • ed wood - patricia arquette gets a particulary good neck adjustment

    jacobs ladder - tim robbins goes to see his chiropractor and nearly gets his head twisted off!!

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