• Just a quick note to say thanks for creating this community.

    I'm a chronic joint cracker (started with knuckles, but now includes everything), and have been for some 25 years, starting when I was about 10, I'd guess, and saw a "cool guy" I looked up to doing it.

    I think with the increasing prevalence of this habit (characters in movies are starting to do much more frequently), we'll find this bad habit growing, and unfortunately, in the coming decades, we'll learn what the true ramifications of chronic cracking really are.

    I have never been able to find any good information on this topic, and I could never believe I was the only one in this situation. I think this community can really be an influential force.

    I suggest trying to get some medical professionals to participate directly, particularly Q&A if possible. Perhaps find a professional who has a child that's doing it chronically. Whether it's an OCD or a physical affliction (I'm leaning toward the formerr), doesn't matter. Your quoted material is wonderful – thank you -- but a professional could help add weight and credibility to the site.

    In the end, just stick with it. The community will grow, I'm sure of it. And I'm mostly convinced because I believe this is a learned habit. I think we all started because we saw someone else doing it and we tried and tried because it was cool. So many more will do it, too. And I really appreciate that you're here.

    If left unabated, I'm convinced this condition (if it's chronic cracking, like mine) will lead to serious problems. We need to stop. This community can help make that happen.

    I hope these random thoughts are of some use to you.


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    nevermind, thank you so much for your great feedback!

    It's funny you mention the movie thing. I also increasingly notice movie characters popping their joints on the big screen. I last saw DiCaprio (?) in TheDeparted cracking his neck. Maybe we should start a video database? Did you also notice it is always the guys cracking their stuff and it's always either the neck or the knuckles? They always do it in a cool relaxed sort of way, never in any obsessive kind.

    I'm glad you could extract some information from the quotes I collected. I do sincerely hope we will become a more and more influential force! I love that wording! The community is growing quite steadily. This site is here to stay and I'll make sure it keeps that way! Before I started this community, I also could not grasp how I could be the only one with this "condition". It took me some time before I realized I wasn't the only one, there just was no-one bold enough to make this situation visible enough on the internet for everyone to see. I hope I filled and will continue to fill that gap.

    Maybe joint popping really is a learned habit. To stop we then "merely" have to unlearn it… Not very easy when you perfected your skills for two decades judging from all my failed attempts so far.

    I agree having medical professionals on board would be invaluable. If there is any medical professional interested in participating, please send me a note! I will gladly enable a specially marked account and set up a suitable Q&A section or similar. I'm sure that we'll get more and more momentum along with our rising community. The more momentum we get, the less we can be ignored by the medical community.

    It already has begun!

  • I think if joint cracking is the 'problem' in your life then you must have it pretty good. :!:

  • Well because cracking is physical it can often seem more intense than other mental worries even if they are bigger

  • well for me anyway lol 😉

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