• Hi
    I'm turning twelve this year. I started cracking my knuckles when I was 9 and then I startd cracking my toes afterwards when my sister did. Last year I started cracking my back and recently i began to crack my neck.

    Its very hard for me because I have to go to school and because its primary, we have to sit on the floor, which makes it hard to crack my toes.
    I have been trying to stop for more than a year. Its hard because not many people have this problem so there is nothing to help you stop the addiction.
    At night when I am trying to sleep, its harder, and even when i try to think of other things, it doesn't work. I just tell myself 'just one more crack and then i'll stop', but that one crack makes all the difference.
    I hope this forum is going to help me, but somethings telling me i'm not trying hard enough.
    Anyway, good luck to all of you fellow knuckle crackers!

  • With me, toes are not addictive and merely just something to do if bored or if having a bath etc.

    How is it hard when you have to sit down on the floor - they can't make you do work on the floor! Can they?

    Also, there must be some oppurtunity to stand up and crack.

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