Me, too.

  • So, I'm really grateful I'm not the only person addicted to popping her knuckles.

    I pop my toes to no end. I can pop them multiple times in succession, and sometimes I will pop them to the point that I get muscle spasms in my feet– which aren't very fun. (But regardless, I keep on popping.)

    My other favorite is my jaw. I asked the dentist about it the other year, producing a very audible grinding/cracking sound--I can make short loud pops, or crack it more slowly which produces a long grating sound, but is just as satisfying. He told me I had TMJD, probably as a result of previous teeth-grinding when I was younger, and that I shouldn't pop it anymore. Of course, I can't stop.

    If I pop my jaw, or most of my joints, I normally have to pop it a few more times until it feels alright, which definitely reminds me of OCD.

    That's about it. Thanks!

  • If you are getting muscle spams then you should stop and withregarding your jaw, maybe you should take up your dentist's advice.

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